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Our Services

Your neighborhood plumber trusted since 1947. We are licensed journeymen plumbers and fully insured for any liabilities. Call Mattituck Plumbing for plumbing installation, replacement, and repair.

  • New Construction

    We install plumbing for new homes and renovations, including kitchen & bath construction.

  • Propane & Gas

    We install natural gas lines and convert houses from gas to propane, or propane to gas, depending on your needs.

  • Plumbing service

    Have a question? We have a solution. Take advantage of our complete plumbing services.

  • Water Heaters

    We install and replace water heaters — electric, gas or tankless. 

  • Bath & Kitchen

    Leaky faucet? Burst pipe? Trust in our experienced hands.  We even install new plumbing for your bath or kitchen renovation. 

  • Boilers

    Natural gas, propane or oil, we can install or replace your boiler. 

  • Hot Water Heating

    With our experienced plumbers on hand, you don't have to worry about where your hot water comes from. Cook, clean, bathe, and heat your space comfortably and economically with our premier services. 

  • DIY

    Ready to do it yourself? We've got your plumbing supplies. From snakes and supply lines to crimp rings and rubber gaskets, we sell only reliable, tried-and-true supplies. 

  • Oil Tanks

    We remove and install oil tanks cleanly and efficiently. When removing a tank from a residential or commercial property, the oil itself is removed along with any leftover sludge and associated vent and fill pipes. 

  • Oil Tank Abandonments

    The abandonment process involves deactivating and safely removing all oil (rather than removing the tank from the ground), causing little disturbance to your property. Once the tank is clean and empty, it is filled with sand or gravel, and all associated pipes are disconnected from the tank.